Astronaut Pen Pals

Encourage your kids to reach out to their favorite astronaut! There are no pen pals more exciting to have than a real life space travelor, rocket engineer, or mission director. 

Select Your Favorite Astronaut

Wondering what it's like to live on the ISS? Curious what it is like to wait decades before the satelite you designed is successful? Interested to know what it feels like to run a mission? Let your kids search through the astronauts on NASA's website to see which astronaut is their favorite. 

What To Write

Help your child pick some very specific questions they want to know about this particular astronaut. Find out what made them choose this astronaut, and help them think about the differenct ways this astronaut is unique to NASA. After a good brainstorming session, you and your child are ready to start writing their letter! It's not a guarantee that you will hear back, but it is definitely worth a shot. (Check out this amazing two-page letter one four-year-old received after her dad helped her write a letter to NASA scientist Dr. David Williams with a question about a probe headed to Jupiter’s moons.) Another fun thing to add would be a request for an autographed photo from current astronauts who are in training or are assigned to an upcoming flight.

Address and mail the letter to the NASA office

Any mail and photo requests can be sent to:

NASA Johnson Space Center
CB/Astronaut Office
Houston, TX 77058

ATTN: (Enter astronaut's name here)

*Including a self-addressed and stamped return envelope increases the chances that you'll hear back!